Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Welcome to brandest.cc. We provide services to you in accordance with the notices, terms and conditions specified in this agreement ("Agreement"). In addition, when you use any services of brandest.cc (such as placing orders or writing customer reviews), you will be subject to the rules, guidelines, policies, terms and conditions applicable to such services, which have been incorporated into this service in. Quote this agreement. fancytouchgo.com reserves the right to change this website and these terms and conditions at any time.

By accessing, browsing or otherwise using this website, you agree to all the terms and conditions in this agreement. Please read this agreement carefully before proceeding.

You declare and warrant that you have reached the age of 18, or visit this website under the supervision of a parent or guardian. In accordance with the terms and conditions of this agreement, brandest.cc hereby grants you limited, revocable, non-transferable and non-exclusive permission to access and use this website by displaying it on your Internet browser for personal use only Shopping for products sold on the website may not be used for any commercial purpose or on behalf of any third party, unless brandest.cc expressly permits in advance. Any violation of this agreement will result in the immediate withdrawal of the permission granted in this paragraph without prior notice.

Unless permitted by the previous paragraph, you may not copy, distribute, display, sell, lease, distribute, translate, modify, reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile or otherwise use this website or any part of it. allow. Unless you have obtained express permission from brandest.cc in advance, you may not use any information provided on this website for any commercial purpose or use this website for other business. brandest.cc reserves the right to refuse service, terminate accounts and / or cancel orders at its own discretion, including but not limited to brandest.cc right to believe that customer actions violate applicable laws or damage brandest.cc interests.

You may not upload, distribute or otherwise publish any (a) content, information or other materials that infringe on the copyrights, patents, trademarks, service marks, trade secrets or other ownership of anyone through this website; (b) defamation, threat, Defamation, obscenity, obscenity, pornography or any civil or criminal liability may be caused under US or international law; (c) includes any errors, viruses, worms, trapdoors, Trojan horses or other harmful codes or attributes. fancytouchgo.com may assign you a password and account logo to enable you to access and use certain parts of this website. Every time you use a password or logo, you will be deemed to be authorized to access and use this website in a manner consistent with this agreement and Candee terms and conditions.

Regardless of whether you have indeed obtained your permission, anyone using the password and logo originally assigned to you shall be fully responsible for all access and use of this website, including but not limited to all communications and transmissions resulting from such access or access . Use all obligations (including but not limited to financial obligations). You are solely responsible for protecting the security and confidentiality of the passwords and logos assigned to you. Unauthorized use of your password or logo, or any other violation or threat to breach the security of this website, you should immediately notify brandest.cc. After registering, you will receive our newsletter, which contains information about sales, coupons and special promotions.

Candee user account

You guarantee that all or part of the content submitted is clear and correct, and there are no cases of infringement of intellectual property rights, disputes or third-party claims. fancytouchgo.com is not responsible for your misuse of copyright or any other rights of third parties. You promise to defend the sponsor and compensate any losses caused by using the entries for any purpose.

Comments and reviews

Or decompile such submissions. All submitted content will automatically become the exclusive property of brandest.cc and will not be returned to you, and you agree that there will be no disputes in the future due to the use of this entry by brandest.cc.

You guarantee that all or part of the content submitted is clear and correct, and there are no cases of infringement of intellectual property rights, disputes or third-party claims. brandest.cc is not responsible for your misuse of copyright or any other rights of third parties. You promise to defend the sponsor and compensate any losses caused by using the entries for any purpose.

In addition to the rights that apply to any submitted content, when you post a comment or comment on the site, brandest.cc is also given the name used with any comment, comment, or other related content (if any) to own such comments ,comment. Or other content. You declare and warrant that you own or control all rights to the comments, comments and other content posted on this website, and the use of your comments, comments or other content by brandest.cc will not infringe or infringe any of its rights. Tripartite. You may not use a fake email address, pretend to be someone other than yourself, or otherwise mislead fancytouchgo.com or a third party with regard to any submission or content source. brandest.cc may

cancel order

Please note that orders that have been processed or partially shipped can only be modified or cancelled if payment has been made.

All other orders cannot be changed. Sorry for any inconveniences caused. If you want to cancel an order that has been shipped or packed, please contact our dedicated support center as soon as possible for assistance.

f unfortunately you cannot cancel your order, we recommend that you accept the packaging and refer to our warranty policy for more information.


In Candee, all goods are sent from different warehouses, and no customs duties are paid. Therefore, after the package reaches the destination country, all tariffs or import tariffs will be charged. If any, these costs must be paid by the customer. If the customer refuses the package due to import duties or taxes, they shall be fully responsible for all costs involved in the process. According to customs regulations, please note that Candee cannot declare purchased items as gifts or the list price is lower than the actual product price.

Customer Code of Conduct Policy

At Candee, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We are committed to solving all customer problems in a professional and friendly manner. However, we will not tolerate any unacceptable or unreasonable behavior towards our customer service team members.

For example, misconduct against customer service personnel or Candee may include any of the following:

-Aggressive, abusive and threatening behavior. Examples include: any and all threats, whether direct or implicit, on any communication channel; intimidating language; personal and verbal abuse; sexism, racial discrimination, homophobia or derogatory speech; rude statements of inflammation ; Sworn and unfounded statement charges.

-Although the problem has been completely resolved, it still insists on filing customary requirements or unreasonable complaints; similarly, despite providing reasonable and fair solutions according to our policies, there are still many complaints.

-Require, expect, or require employees to violate established company policy guidelines, such as refund amounts, time limits, special remuneration, etc .; also, seek unrealistic results outside of our own policies and procedures. By default, the refund amount cannot exceed the original order amount paid to Candee.

-After submitting a formal response, partly and repeatedly change the nature (or focus) or expected result of the complaint.

-There are too many complaints compared to the total purchase value record.

For such acts, you can inform the complainant and formally notify them:
-Their language is considered offensive, abusive, threatening and totally unacceptable.

-They must avoid using this language, intimidation and threats.

-If they insist on this behavior, there will be no more correspondence.

-Candee reserves the right not to accept customer orders in the future without prior notice.

Complaint reporting process

Complaint escalation process

This process is strictly applicable to customer service issues. For other legal issues, such as copyright, please check our legal page here.

If the customer is not satisfied with the solution provided by our customer service, they can contact our ticket supervisor by submitting a new ticket in the "Submit Formal Complaint" section as follows:

Contact us> Submit trouble ticket> Choose warranty and return> Submit formal complaint

Except for weekends and public holidays, we will respond to all complaints within 24 hours.


All text, graphics, photos or other images, button icons, audio clips, logos, slogans, brand names or text software and other content (collectively referred to as "content") on brandest.cc belong to fancymall.cc or appropriate. Content provider. You may not use, copy, copy, modify, transmit, display, publish, sell, license, publicly perform, distribute or use any content for commercial purposes, nor dispose of any content without permission from brandest.cc. brandest.cc expressly agrees to write in advance. The use of data mining, robots or similar data collection and extraction tools on brandest.cc is strictly prohibited, and the use of brandest.cc trademarks or service marks in meta tags is strictly prohibited. You can only view and use the content on the website for personal information and shopping and ordering, but not for other purposes. The collection, collation and compilation of all content on this website (hereinafter referred to as "compilation") belongs to brandest.cc. You may not use brandest.cc content or edit content in any way that will reduce or insult brandest.cc or in a manner that may cause confusion or violate any applicable laws or regulations. All software used on this website ("Software") is the property of brandest.cc and / or its software suppliers. Content, editing and software are protected by state, national and international copyright laws. brandest.cc reserves all rights not expressly granted. Violators will be fully prosecuted by law.

brandest.cc recognizes and respects all copyrights and trademarks. Therefore, any use of TV, movies, music, film festivals or other names or titles has nothing to do with brandest.cc and is the exclusive property of copyright or trademark holders. Our clothing is inspired by celebrity styles and is our entertainment method of playing celebrity-wearing items on celebrity favorite TV shows and red carpets, but they do not represent any registered trademark or Copyright infringement.

Intellectual Property Infringement Policy

brandest.cc policy is to take appropriate measures when necessary to maintain and recognize all relevant state, federal, and international laws related to materials that claim to infringe any trademarks, copyrights, patents, and all or any other intellectual property laws. If you are the owner of intellectual property rights and you think fancytouchgo.com is available for sale, offer an offer or provide goods and / or services that infringe your intellectual property rights, please send the complete information below


materials needed

materials needed

1. The electronic or physical signature of the proprietary owner authorized to represent the alleged infringement;
2. A description of the work or material suspected of infringement;
3. State the location of the allegedly infringing material on the website (product URL);
4. Information sufficient for us to contact you, such as your address, telephone number and email address;
5. You declare that you sincerely believe that the controversial use of this material is not authorized by copyright or other owners, their agents or the law;
6. Identify the intellectual property rights that you claim to be infringed by the website (for example, "XYZ copyright", "ABC trademark, registration number 123456, registration time is 1/1/04", etc.);
7. You declare that the above information and notice are accurate and may be perjured. You are the copyright owner or copyright owner, acting on behalf of the owner whose ownership has been violated.

Termination and effect of termination

In addition to any other legal or equitable relief, brandest.cc may immediately terminate this agreement or revoke any or all rights granted under this agreement without prior notice. After terminating this agreement, you should immediately stop all access and use of the website. In addition to taking any other legal or fair remedies, brandest.cc should immediately revoke all passwords and account identifiers issued to you, and refuse all or part of your access and use of this website. Any termination of this agreement shall not affect the respective rights and obligations (including but not limited to payment obligations) of both parties before the date of termination. /

Disclaimer and limitation of liability

Unless otherwise specified in the standard sales terms, every product on this website is subject to its constraints, otherwise, brandest.cc will provide this website "as is", products sold on this website and transactions conducted through this website . . brandest.cc does not make any express or implied statements or warranties regarding the operation of this website or the information, content, materials or products contained on this site, unless within the scope permitted by applicable law, brandest.cc makes no express or implied statements Or guarantee. Warranty, including but not limited to marketability and suitability for specific purposes, non-infringement, ownership, quiet enjoyment, implied guarantee of data accuracy and system integration. This website may contain errors, errors or typographical errors. brandest.cc does not guarantee that the content will be destroyed or free of errors. To the maximum extent permitted by law, brandest.cc is not liable for any damage caused by the use of this website, including but not limited to indirect incidental, punitive, exemplary, special or consequential damage. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, brandest.cc total liability for any damage caused to you (regardless of the action taken) shall not exceed the total amount of actual expenses you paid to brandest.cc immediately in that year. But it is not limited to indirect incidental, punitive, exemplary, special or consequential damage. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, brandest.cc total liability for any damage caused to you (regardless of the action taken) shall not exceed the total amount of actual expenses you paid to brandest.cc immediately in that year. But it is not limited to indirect incidental, punitive, exemplary, special or consequential damage. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, brandest.cc total liability for any loss you cause (regardless of the basis for taking action) shall not exceed the total amount of actual expenses you pay to brandest.cc immediately. This month. brandest.cc comes before the responsibility.

In case of product-related damage and valid and confirmed manufacturing defects, Candee and / or the seller will only follow the warranty measures shown on the platform. Candee and / or the seller shall not be liable for any losses caused by improper use by customers, human negligence and / or other reasons not related to product defects.

Order acceptance

Please note that some orders may not be accepted and must be cancelled. brandest.cc reserves the right to refuse or cancel any order for any reason at its discretion. Some conditions that may cause your order to be cancelled include: a limit on the quantity that can be purchased, incorrect or incorrect product or price information, or problems discovered by our credit and fraud prevention department. Before accepting any order, we may need additional verification or information. If all or any part of your order is cancelled, or if additional information is required to accept your order, we will contact you.

Candee is not responsible for late delivery of special circumstances (such as birthdays or other events). We encourage customers to place orders in advance to ensure that they have enough time to receive their items.

We have notified customers of the Christmas peak in advance through banners and newsletters, and provided suggestions on the final order date and shipping method during this period. Therefore, if the item fails to arrive in time before Christmas, we will not assume any responsibility.

All orders reported by the shipping company as "delivered" are considered delivered. In this case, Candee is not responsible for non-delivery.


Although Candee strives to ensure that the website is up and running in order to provide customers with the best shopping experience, in some cases, errors may affect the system. Customers cannot benefit from such errors. These errors are considered unfair to any impact, and customers will have to give up immediately.

user account

For security reasons, each customer can only create one registered account by default. For customers who try to create multiple accounts, Candee reserves the right to suspend the account without prior notice.

Both parties agree that after placing an order, transportation is the sole responsibility of the third-party logistics company. At this stage, the complete ownership of the product belongs to the purchaser; all related responsibilities and risks in the transportation process should be borne by the buyer.

According to customs regulations, customers must provide valid and accurate data. All consignee names, addresses and payer names should be valid. Some countries require the consignee to provide their ID or passport to clear the package or verify payment. Customers are fully responsible for the accuracy of the data provided to us. If any information is incorrect and prevents any transportation, delivery or customs clearance, in this case, we will not assume any responsibility or provide any compensation.

Candee will always abide by the law, and we would like to remind users here. As an importer, customers are responsible for complying with all laws and regulations in their own country. Please refer to our privacy policy for more information.

Typographical error

Although brandest.cc strives to provide accurate product and price information, price or typographical errors may occur. brandest.cc can only confirm the product price after ordering. If the product is listed at an incorrect price or the wrong information is provided due to the incorrect price or product information, brandest.cc reserves the right to reject or cancel any orders placed on the product at its discretion. If the product pricing is not correct, brandest.cc may contact you as appropriate to obtain instructions or cancel your order and notify you of the cancellation.

Pricing in different currencies

The pricing of products sold by brandest.cc is based on US dollar (US) figures. Prices shown in other currencies are converted from US dollars according to the latest exchange rate. Due to currency fluctuations, the prices of non-US currencies on the website may not be up-to-date except on individual product pages. Areas on the website where non-US currency denominations may be incorrect include (but are not limited to) promotional slogans, promotional pages, and information on product category pages. No matter which currency is used for pricing, the price displayed on the individual product page is the current price you are responsible for paying to brandest.cc, excluding freight.

Candee is not aware of any other bank fees or exchange rate fees charged by the issuing bank or third-party payment provider and is not responsible for it. These costs are only borne by the customer and Candee will not reimburse them.

Applicable law

These conditions are governed by the law and fully interpreted by the law, without regard to the principle of conflict of laws.


This site may contain links to other sites on the Internet owned and operated by third parties. You acknowledge that fancytouchgo.com is not responsible for the operation or content of or on any such website.


Candee ships from different warehouses. For orders with more than one product, we may divide your order into multiple packages based on inventory level according to our own judgment, for more information, please check our terms and conditions. Thank you for your understanding.

Candee strongly recommends that all customers purchase transportation insurance at checkout. This will ensure that during delivery, if there are any problems, Candee will send you the same product for free. If the item is not available, we will provide you with other refund options.

If there is a problem during transportation, Candee will not be responsible for orders without transportation insurance.

No matter what the customer orders, we will ship it. If customers order the wrong goods, we will not be held responsible for them.

If the delivery fails for any reason, and the address sent to is the correct address provided by the customer, Candeewill not be responsible for returning the package to us.

If you have not received the package, please notify us as soon as possible. For standard shipping, after 3 months from the date we send the package (for Latin America, we will extend it to 4 months for postal delivery), we will not be able to provide any compensation. All expedited delivery issues must also be reported within 3 months from the date of shipment. Please also note that this does not apply to any package sent via the fast shipping method and displayed as delivered on the shipping company's tracking site.


You agree that brandest.cc is inadequate for any legal remedies for actual or threatening violations of this agreement, and brandest.cc has the right to enjoy specific performance or prohibition in addition to any damage that brandest.cc may cause Relief, or both. Legally entitled to recover any form of dispute settlement and reasonable fees, including but not limited to attorney fees.

No rights or remedies of brandest.cc shall monopolize any other rights, whether legally or equitable, including but not limited to damage compensation ban relief, attorney fees and expenses.

brandest.cc waives any instance of its rights or remedies under these terms and conditions does not imply an obligation to grant any similar, future or other waiver.