Return policy

The following products do not support 7-day return without reason:

1. Personal customized products or services;

2. Fresh and perishable goods;

3. Audio-visual products, e-books, vouchers, recharge cards, online games, computer software and other digital products downloaded online or unpacked by you;

4. Newspapers and periodicals delivered;

5. Incomplete goods:
(1) The packaging of the smallest sales unit of food (including health food), cosmetics, medical devices, and family planning products was damaged;

(2) Electronic and electrical products have unauthorized maintenance, alteration, destruction, alteration of mandatory product certification marks, instruction labels, machine serial numbers, etc., there are signs of appearance that are difficult to restore to their original state, or activation and authorization information are generated , Unreasonable personal use data retention and other data use traces; such as the mobile phone network access license is damaged or lost, the TV and air conditioner have been installed, and the SLR camera has been used,

(3) Apparel, shoes, hats, bags, toys, home textiles, household goods trademark logos are removed, the logos are cut, and the products are stained, damaged, and washed;

6. Payment, recharge and after-sales service;

7. The following commodities are confirmed by you at the time of purchase, and are not applicable for seven days without return:

(1) Commodities that are likely to affect personal safety or life and health after unpacking, or commodities that are likely to cause changes in product quality after unpacking, such as food, health products, cosmetics, adult products, etc.;

(2) Commodities whose value depreciates significantly after activation or trial use, such as electronic and electrical products;

(3) Commodities that have been clearly stated at the time of sale and are close to the expiration date, or defective products.


1. When returning goods, please be sure to return the accompanying accessories, gifts (if any), warranty card, manual, invoice, test report (for products that need to be returned with the test report) along with the goods; such as gifts The used product does not meet the return and exchange, the main product has been returned, and the amount of the gift must be deducted.

Friendly reminder: It is recommended that the product packaging, accessories, and gifts be kept for 30 days from the date of receipt;

2. When the product is returned, the points and corresponding coupons obtained by purchasing the product need to be deducted. If the account points and coupons have been used, they will be deducted from the product refund; the amount returned to the card when the gift card is returned, not allowed cash. After the return is successful, the e-Voucher you used during shopping will be returned to the original account and the validity period will not change, please check it carefully;